Our school has a definition of spirituality which has been developed with the children following our spirituality day:

spirituality is something unseen; something we feel inside about our purpose and place in life. It is about awe and wonder of the world in which we live, asking questions, drawing inspiration from and being aware of something ‘bigger’ outside of ourselves.

For us, spirituality concerns the deep connections between all members of our school community, particularly the connections between pupils, teachers and parents, and of course with God. The children have various opportunities to evaluate these connections at differing points throughout their school year. On a formal basis, through opportunities such as regularly timetabled Spirituality Days and the ability to share the highs and lows throughout the school year, but also informally through dedicated time throughout the day both in the classroom but also in designated spaces around the school such as our reflection garden designed and constructed by the children. 

We align spirituality through all areas of our curriculum. We also practise our spirituality through our outdoor adventure experiences that take place throughout the year. These not only provide us with the chance to nurture our talents, but to also help us make sense of the world around us and take opportunities to develop a sense of awe and wonder within our wider environment. 

We support the teaching of spirituality through a concept known as Windows, Mirrors and Doors:

Window Moments

* Opportunities for us to be aware of the world in new ways, looking out into the world.

* To wonder about life's 'WOWS. Things that are amazing.

* To think about life's 'OWS' that take us by surprise!

* Learning about life in all its fullness.

Mirror Moments

* Opportunities to reflect on experiences.

* Looking inside yourself.

* Consider life's big questions and reach for some possible answers.

* Learning from life by exploring our own insights and those of others.

Door Moments

* Opportunities for us to respond.

* Moving onto a new path or situation.

* To do something creative to develop and apply our ideas.

* Learning to live out our beliefs and values.